World of Warcraft Pro Tips

World of Warcraft Pro Tips

I think its about time someone explained what the difference is between pro’s and noobs within World Of Warcraft.

The majority of playing in WoW seem to think they are “pro” simply because they are wearing such ans such gear. I agree obtaining some gear, like full valorous does require a little bit a skill, but not much… the real pro’s in WoW are the ones pimped out in full Deadly Gear, obtained via arena rating. Yes arena rating, not Vault of Archavon ( VoA ) or from emblems collect from PvE content.

Deadly Gear in my opinion should have rating requirement on it, not only for purchases but actually on the Item itself, there has been to many welfare epics in WoW and top-end arena gear shouldnt be one of them. Let the “noobs” have their epics, hateful gladiator gear and savage gladiator gear, but deadly gladiator gear should be for the “pros”.

Back to the difference between pros and noobs now; basically the difference is, is that one will be as i said before, decked out epics, and the other will be decked out in epics blues greens and so on. The pro is the one in the epics, but only if it the items he/she is wearing contains the highest item level. For example, [Savage Gladiator Shoulders] has a much much lower item level than [Deadly Gladiator Shoulders] simple because its easier to obtain. All you have to do is run a few battlegrounds and you can buy them, but Deadly Shoulders are much harder to get. They require real skill.

Moving onto my next point; Skill is determined through several ways, one you could be a complete noob and keyboard turn, causing you to backpeddle and move around like a complete fool or you can use WASD to move, like the pros do, or at least people with a decent amount of skill.

Also clicking your spells is a big NO, only noobs do that, you really need to bind all the spells you use the most if you want to be better at WoW. Reason being, that you will react slower when moving your mouse instead of moving your finger a few milimetres across the keyboard.

Also achievements, now there is two types of achievements, PvE and PvP, same as everything else really in World Of Warcraft but anyway, u can tell if someone is pro skilled if you take a look at how many duels they have won or what their arena achievements are.

Titles are another thing, just take a look at the title “Jenkins” – now anyone can achieve this title, pro or noob, but “The Flawless Victor” or “Arena Master” only decent skilled players can achieve these.

Well, that pretty much sums up noobs to pros, have fun owning dem noobs!

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World of Warcraft Strategy Guide – 6 Powerful Gold Farming Tips For You!

World of Warcraft Strategy Guide – 6 Powerful Gold Farming Tips For You!

Need a WoW Strategy Guide for making gold quickly? Here are 6 powerful Gold Farming tips for you below!

Galak Centaurs

In the region of the Free Wind Post, a huge “Galak Centaur” camp is located. This, by far, is amongst the most sought after locales in the ‘Thousand Needles’.

These Centaurs have good deal of plunder and they can re-spawn really fast, which makes them worth every effort. All you need is little bit of patience. You can also keep a watch for the Windchasers which can heal themselves as well as others 50% faster than usual.

Ironeye the Invincible

Ironeye the Invincible has the biggest and most precious loot in the area of Thousand Needles. The respawning time for this character is about 24 hours but you can get a huge amount of loot from this enemy.

There is about forty percent drop rate for the blue sword which is called the “Blade Of Basilisk”. Although the respawning time is very slow but this guy gives you ample opportunities to rake up a huge amount of WoW gold.

Gnomish Cloaking Device

Zan Shivsproket is the vendor of this Gnomish Cloaking Device; you can find him in the mountains that are situated north of Tarrenmill in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

The vendor hides in the basement of a hidden rogue base in the mountains, but the trail to that place is easy to find. You can easily buy this item for a few pieces of gold and sell it off for even more WoW gold.

Fungal Rock at Un’Goro crater

Fungal Rock is the famous gorilla hide-out located in the Northern part of the Un’Goro crater. These gorillas are very weak and are classified as the level 50+ mobs, these mobs respawn with good pace within the cave.

Boulderfist Orges and Whitherbarks Trolls

When you are at the Arathi highlands, you should try farming the mobs of Boulderfist ogres and Whitherbark Trolls. The Boulderfist Ogres respawn very fast so there is negligible amount of downtime.

If you are lucky, you might be successful in tracing “Nimar the Slayer” in the village of the Whitherbarks. This character usually drops an object called the “Nimar’s Tribal Headdress”, if you are super lucky you may even get the “Dark Hooded Cape”.

Ice Thistle Yetis

The ice thistle yetis fall among the weakest mobs, so they are worthy targets for gold farming. The epic drops also help when farming these mobs. Although the drop rate is very low, the reward makes it worth while.

Need more advanced speed leveling and gold secrets? Go claim your free WoW Strategy Guide now.

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