K gold product test report no gold

K gold product test report no gold

Currently on the market class of K-gold inlay Silver Jewellery, gold does not detect the majority of the report.

The people Ms. Yang recently purchased a 18K price tag more than 10,000 yuan of gold diamond bracelet, while a single on their goods to ensure that only the test set with diamonds, the report indicates the number of grams of diamonds and the fineness of grade, but there is no gold content test report. Chow Sang Sang K Kim informed of the brand product problems later, Yang is a bit uneasy.

Urban more than jewelry stores, there are sales staff explained that the OTC Costume Jewellery comes with test reports, but the mosaic type of jewelry, consumers generally only concerned with that part of the mosaic, if you suspect a problem, you can take to the quality supervision departments were identified.

Then, from the city quality supervision departments found, K gold jewelry inlaid type test report no widespread instances of gold. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of Quality Section staff told reporters that have to be Handmade Jewellery store with a test report, is generally to provide samples for testing by the business, but generally only for testing embedded part of the project, K Although it is widely used in production of gold inlaid Class of jewelry, but gold has done very little testing. The staff member said, when consumers buy K gold jewelry can be provided by the store on-site verification of the instrument, it can ask a nationally recognized third party testing. However, there is no gold jewelry, Chaozhou and quality testing equipment, consumers can only to Shantou, Jieyang and other surrounding cities in terms of quality inspection department.

The survey found that the quality problem after gold brand, consumers more cautious about buying gold. Qiaodong a jewelry store is the selection of new jewelry Miss Choi said that she had a number of relatively well-known jewelry making brand trust, also asked a friend to Hong Kong previously bought this brand of products, mended that even such a big brand will go wrong , after selection of jewelry can be even more careful. But Miss Choi admitted, how can we be “more careful”, she did not know.

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