American Gold Eagle Coins 1 Oz

American Gold Eagle Coins 1 Oz

The US government specifies the actual gold content of the coins.

The specifications for the minted gold coins is backed by United States Congress and the United States Mint ensuring that the coins are 22 karat which is the English standard for gold coins.

Although the face value of the coins is $ 50, $ 25, $ 10 and $ 5 there actual value is base on the price that the gold is worth at the time.

The gold that is contained in the American gold eagle coins has to be sourced from mines in the United States and every coin has the full weight of gold that is stated, to make the coins more durable silver and copper is added.

American gold eagle coins are America’s only officially recognized gold bullion coins of investment grade gold guaranteed by the United States government.

The real measure of any investment is it’s ability to be converted into cash and the  American gold eagle coins are able to be sold world wide at  many dealers.

In time of financial instability gold is seen as a safe haven, with many investment in stocks and  shares you can lose everything, but gold always retains a value.

The price of gold does fluctuate and this should be considered as with any investment you could lose money, however if you think that the economy is going to remain in difficulty for some time then you should have some money invested in  American gold eagle coins.  

The American eagle gold coin is officially American gold bullion currency the face value bears no relation to the coins actual worth that is determined by the value of gold on the spot market at the time currently the price of a 1 oz  American eagle gold coin is in the region of $ 1100 the price fluctuates as the value of  gold increases or decreases.

The 1 oz American eagle gold coin weights 1.0909 troy oz, has a diameter of 32.7mm, and is 2.24 thick.

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