5 Themed Gold Charms For Valentine’s Day

5 Themed Gold Charms For Valentine’s Day

Gold charms are a perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day and are sure to be treasured year round. Giving gold charm bracelets and gold charms on this annual celebration is traditional, but there are also very modern styles of charm available either online or through your jeweler.

Couple themed bracelets are actually not as difficult to put together as you may think. They also give you the added advantage of being able to add more gold charms each and every year at any special occasion. Sticking with one theme is a popular option, but you can also mix and match for a very unique bracelet.

Love Beats In My Heart What is Valentine’s Day without hearts? Heart shaped gold charms are an absolute must on any charm bracelets for this occasion. Various types of heart themed gold charms can include lockets, sculpted hearts and heart shaped flat charms. These charms can also be decorated with Cupids and little arrows and bows, all traditional Valentine’s Day symbols.

Lock And Key To My Heart A very traditional symbol of love and togetherness is a lock and key. Gold charms that feature this symbol of Valentine’s Day can include little charms of locks with matching keys on the same ring, or even a stylized key with hearts engraved on the key itself. These charms are often dangling charms and are beautiful on charm bracelets because they provide movement and sparkle.

Special Places There are always those places you think of when you remember the one you love, so why not add gold charms to her bracelet to let her know you still remember? These can be actual landmarks or they can be symbols of the place itself. A car may represent meeting at the mechanics or a starfish if you met at the beach.

Romantic Trips Together Not all couples travel to exotic places, but most take some type of vacations or trips together just to get away and enjoy each other’s company. There are gold charms that can represent each of these special holidays, sure to keep the memories alive throughout the year.

Messages To Your Heart Speaking the language of love can be possible even with gold charms. Adding a personally engraved message to the charm saying how much you love her is sure to be a treasured addition.

There are many reasons why gold charms are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The five themes listed above should get you started, but remember gold charms can also be added other times throughout the year or just as a way to let her know you care.

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